Thanks for visiting the website dedicated to FilmTVDiversity, a social media based diversity/inclusion initiative in the Arts which was originally founded as a non-profit effort and an offshoot of personal brand moniker FATDIVE, which recently changed to FATDIVE1224Arts in support of the founder’s personal vision. FATDIVE, is an acronymn crafted from the words

F(ilm) A(nd) T(v) DIVE(rsity)

Originally established as a Social Media presence primarily on Twitter. @FilmTVDiversity was borne out of the desire of the Founder, C. Joshua Griffin to promote and see greater diversity in the Film, Television and Theatre Industry via increased roles for People of Color and other underrepresented groups, as well as increased exposure their contributions and talents can and should play in the arts both in front of the camera and beyond.

In recent years our objective and mission has expanded to encompass a more holistic approach that both promotes inclusion in the industry while being cognizant and outspoken on issues that affects both the people who take part in the arts and those in the world in which we all live in and any number of various things that impact us all indirectly or directly through art or relevant social issues.

Established in January, 2011, our founder embarked on a solo mission to discover the people of color in the industry both mainstream filmmakers, as well as independent filmmakers and using that knowledge and discovery to promote them and their work.

The Founder: C. Joshua Griffin, a Native Chicagoan, a Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. Previous work includes working for a midwest University Extension office before moving to California in 1995. Lived in Northern California, Bay Area through 2011 working as a Business Analysts for a Financial Services firm. In 2010 begin taking various filmmaking courses with an emphasis on Screenwriting and Producing coupled with attending various industry events primarily in California, but also in various locations throughout the US mainland. Current efforts are devoted to focusing more or maintaining social media presence with vital industry and world news and resources while focusing on personal creative art initiatives and limiting industry events attendance to virtual events or events close to current residential area.

Add to this being a lifelong avid fan and watcher of television/movies, a soul moved by music combined with a technology background, all of which prepared and equipped our founder to craft and build what many know today as @FilmTVDiversity.

If We could sum up what we do in Film talk, our logline.

“Brand is everything, Keep it Positive, Let Your Instincts Guide You, Promote Others”

Now in it’s 10th year the journey is much more grounded in what it believes it should be focused on, however remains adaptable to the needs of those we follow and true to the founder’s instincts and vision

Our deepest thanks for taking a brief moment to learn about @FilmTVDiversity / FATDIVE1224Arts’ mission is and for following us on social, it is always appreciated and we hope value added for you and we with your support we hope that all our efforts as you partake in/interact with or learn from the things we share, we all can help change the world of Film, Television and Theatre and the Diversity/Inclusion represented within it for both present and future generations.